Warwick Streamer Stage II Custom:
Body/Neck: black
Hardware: silver

Warwick Streamer LX Doubleneck Custom:
Body: black
Necks: bold-on / oil-finnish
Hardware: silver

Warwick Streamer LX:
Body: black
Neck: bold-on / oil-finnish
Hardware: silver


Warwick Pro Tube-IX Bass Top
Kanal 1: tube pre-amp with 2 12AX7
Kanal 2: solid state pre-amp
8-Band Equalizer
seperated Volume Poti for each channel, mastervolume
2-channel Top with 2 x 450W RMS/4Ohm


W 115Pro
1x15" Speaker
400 Watt
8 Ohm

W 411Pro
4x10" Speaker
8 Ohm